Episode 4

  • Q1. Runnr, an on-demand delivery company, was acquired by Zomato in 2017 to boost its food delivery business. Mohit Kumar & Vatsal Singhal, co-founders of Runnr and both fitness enthusiasts, later began another company X in the healthcare space. While Runnr helped get delicious food to your doorstep, X will probably tell you that may not be the best idea. Name X.
  • Q2. Long question. The idea behind an ‘open network’ is to establish a level playing field for members of an ecosystem. So new entrants or small players in the ecosystem don’t have to worry about infrastructure & access. The Indian govt. is creating such open networks in various sectors to enable growth & inclusion.
    • Financial sector: Open Credit Enablement Network (OCEN) - Any service provider can plug in & start offering credit
    • Healthcare sector: National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) - Any service provider can plug in & access medical history
    • E-commerce sector: X - Any service provider can plug in & sell online
    • What is X - the open network initiative for the e-commerce sector?
  • Q3. Connect the following (exhaustive list)
    • notion image
  • Q4. Reshamandi is bringing tech & innovation to X farming - a sector that has largely been untouched by digitization across the value chain - farmers, harvesters, mills, and sellers. What is X?
  • Q5. The CEO of X, which recently acquired Y, wrote they want to restructure the organization from one company to a group of companies under one umbrella named ‘Eternal’. Similar to how Google transformed into Alphabet which consists of “Google + Other Companies”. Eternal will start with 4 companies under it and add more in the future. Name X & Y, two of the companies under Eternal
    • notion image
  • Q6. William Wetzel, a professor at the University of New Hampshire, coined the term X in 1978 after completing a study on how entrepreneurs raised their initial rounds of capital. He borrowed the term from Broadway where X was used to describe rich folks who provided money to theatrical productions and took back the money only once the play started earning revenue - thus making the rich lender a ‘saviour’ of the play. What’s X?
  • Q7. Initially started as Dreamz Unlimited, it was renamed to its more famous name X three years after incorporation. With estimated revenues of over ₹500cr, X’s work spreads across studio & production, advertising & visual effects (vfx). X also has majority stakes in four T20 cricket leagues across the world - India, Caribbean, UAE and the recently announced South African league. X is also known for its even more famous star owner Y. Name X and Y.
  • Q8. Connect the following (exhaustive list)
    • notion image
  • Q9. In X’s words - They want to build an all-in-one workspace for the modern knowledge worker. Whether it's document editing, file storage or business planning, they want to give the user Lego-like building blocks to customize their own workspace in one place, without duct-taping tens of different software tools together. Identify X, which was last valued at $10B.
  • Q10. “____ _____ problem” (two blanks) is a well-known problem in the field of recommendation systems (for example: music, e-commerce, videos). This is how the problem is explained - the recommendation system needs sufficient user data to infer the interests of a user (and hence generate value) but how does it get that mass of user data when the system itself is new? This phrase “____ _____ problem” is also the title of a book by Andrew Chen, a partner at venture firm a16z, and talks about different ways to solve this problem. Fill in the blanks

  1. Ultrahuman
  1. Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC)
  1. Acquisitions by Canva
  1. Silk farming
  1. X: Zomato, Y: Blinkit
  1. Angel Investor
  1. X: Red Chillies Entertainment, Y: Shah Rukh Khan
  1. Acquisitions by Pine Labs
  1. Notion
  1. Cold Start Problem