100 Essays Project


Writing helps you solidify your learning and think more clearly. But these are the primary benefits. Since writing on the internet is infinitely scalable, it also opens up a world of secondary benefits. It could teach or inspire someone stirring their wheels into motion. It could attract like-minded folks or people you admire towards you – and you end up learning more. By putting yourself out there (through your writing), you create an opportunity for magical connections to happen, thereby increasing the surface area for luck in your life.

The 100 Essays Project is my attempt to put myself out there. Over the next few years, I will attempt to write 100 high-quality essays and publish them on the internet (in different places). This page will be the central repository that will link out to all of them. The topics will be anything business (explanations, analysis, random thoughts).

LIST (13% done)

1The Positive Effects of Venture Capital06-Feb-2020
2Works.co – Uber’s Strategic Gamble09-Feb-2020
3Zomato vs Swiggy18-Feb-2020
4Why did crude price go sub-zero?22-Apr-2020
5How VC works – A Beginner’s Guide25-May-2020
6Google-Dunzo Affair: The Beginning (Part 1 of 2)14-Jun-2020
7Google-Dunzo Affair: The Conclusion (Part 2 of 2)23-Jun-2020
8What makes Jio different?13-Aug-2020
9Amazon’s Reverse Journey02-Dec-2020
10Rise of niche OTTs25-Jan-2021
11Memes, Money & Moon – The story of Dogecoin13-May-2021
12Two kinds of investor pitches28-May-2021
13What happens in an IPO? (Part 1 of 2)16-Jun-2021